Architectural Wooden Half Column set on Stone Base

Architectural Wooden Half Column set on Stone Base


Bring the traditional beauty home! This Wooden Column set on Stone Base for Architectural Effect suits every décor. Its design is inspired by the traditional art and culture and it suitably blends in contemporary atmosphere. This decorative column is elegantly designed intricately carved to truly and efficiently enhance any space. Made from solid wood and set on a strong stone base, this column is a superb structure and durable too. The polish coating throughout preserves it from weathering and distortion. The distressed appearance adds tradition to the modern environment and makes it a loving piece of art. It is the result of amazing craftsmanship of various artisans from India. This piece of art will surely tempt every onlooker to buy this product. So, decorate this piece in your house, or add beauty to the amazing collection of your valuables.

Additional Information

Dimensions 11 x 14 x 87 in

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