Crimson Wood Half Column With Stone Base

Crimson Wood Half Column With Stone Base


If you are looking for a decor to adorn your space, then instead following the monotony of fancy decors, you should opt for something unique. Give your interiors a classic appearance and be the first one to put antiquity in trend with this exquisite décor. This column is hued in crimson and its minimalist design possesses  the essence of Indian heritage. The engravings all over the structure are done with meticulous chiseling, hence the essential elegance is pertained. This masterpiece conforms with the preeminent architecture of ancient culture thus being reason for its alluring pattern. It is carved in large dimensions with the supporting stone base that lends stability to the design. It is an epitome of supreme elegance and symbolizes ideal craftsmanship. This Crimson Wood Half Column With Stone Base guarantees originality and utmost sophistication.

Additional Information

Dimensions 9 x 13.5 x 90 in

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