Distressed Half Wooden Column With Stone Base

Distressed Half Wooden Column With Stone Base


An incredible creation of qualified artistry, this masterpiece features a wooden column that is engraved with exotic patterns at the lower half while vertical detailing at the upper half. The column is supported by a wooden plank of same tint so as to complement the structure. The distressed surface throughout the structure is hued in green while the stone foundation at the base is rendered to natural color. This brainchild of true craftsmanship symbolizes the ancient culture of India. A single block of stone is chiseled to form a stable base that pictures beautiful patterns. This wonderful piece of art takes you back in time and acquaint you with the historic times of India.  an intricate décor that will spruce up the ambiance and will revive the historic times. This antique is perfect to adorn interiors like party halls, aisle or any other space. Its distinct make and abraded finish fascinates about it.

Additional Information

Dimensions 13 x 13 x 82.5 in

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