Classic Hand Carved Distressed Stone panel

Classic Hand Carved Distressed Stone panel


Intricately designed, these ornamental perforated stone panels have a worn-out look that truly recreates the charm of ancient India in your rooms. These antique stone pieces have legendary tales of their own to tell and have essentially stood the test of time. Made of sand stone this antique piece of art is undoubtedly durable and can withstand fierce weather situations like rain, storm, and high temperature without damage. These perforated stone panels found rampant use in buildings and forts of ancient era as separators, window screens or ventilators. The latticed design ensured sufficient ventilations to the living areas while providing ample privacy.
This magnificent distressed panel in stone will add earthy look to your living spaces. Such vintage pieces are high on demand in the market as they create a unique nostalgic feeling of the bygone era while recreating a majestic charm of the ancient era to your properties. These panels surely article of great value worth the investment that you can proudly flaunt before your guests and art enthusiastic friends.

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Dimensions 14 × 1 × 19 in




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