Distressed Jali Panel in Stone with a classic touch

Distressed Jali Panel in Stone with a classic touch


Refine your taste for classic antique pieces with this spellbinding Distressed ‘Jali ‘Panel in Stone that bespoke the abundant cultural heritage of India .This timeless beauty in stone is rich in spellbinding designs and embossing that speak a lot of the painstaking effort that has gone behind creating them. In ancient times most of the mansions and monuments were featured such extensively designed structures in sandstones.

This marvelous beauty in sandstone has intricate floral designs interwoven with beautiful embossing. This majestic piece of beauty in stone has a great back story about its creation and of the brilliant artistic hands that have carved them. Such patterned and ornamental stone structures have been lavishly used in Mughal forts and monuments as separators, window panels and ventilators. In the present times there is growing demand for such beautiful antique pieces finding place in the living rooms, offices and entrances for recreating a vintage charm.

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Dimensions 20 × 3 × 19.5 in




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