Graceful, Stylish Indian Wooden Window Jali

Graceful, Stylish Indian Wooden Window Jali


Prior to India’s independence, many wood antiquities—such as this stunning Jali screen—were spirited away by India’s rulers. Through research, we have been able to accumulate a collection of these antique pieces. A Jali is often decorated with lattice detail, and this particular example is most impressive. A Jali that incorporates latticework is the perfect combination of beauty, form, and style. Decorate your space in the priceless flair of India’s past.

Classic latticework is seen in many patterns; the crisscross pattern is the most popular. Checkerboard lattice is common and uses vertical and horizontal patterns of lathes. The subtle openings in this lattice, allowing light to filter through, are delightful for decorative purposes, as the light plays and dance on floors and walls. The lathes prevent others from seeing inside, allowing for privacy inside your home.

This wooden Jali window adds interest to a plain décor and integrates character and warmth to any room. Jali is available in many designs—beautifully patinaed wood combined in the most amazing arrays. Decorating with antique windows that once hung in Indian palaces and mansions will embellish any home décor.

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Dimensions 23.25 × 3.5 × 26.5 in




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