Marvelous Antique Indian Hand-Carved Jali Window

Marvelous Antique Indian Hand-Carved Jali Window


India is among the top global exporters and suppliers of handicrafts, engaging more than six million skilful artisans. Indian handicrafts are plentiful; however, genuine antique art objects are in limited supply and highly valued. The temple tradition of India is hundreds of years old, and their majestic antiques are impossible to ignore. We bring today’s homeowners the delightful window Jali frame designs of years gone by.

Jali consists of ornamental patterns created through the use of calligraphy and geometry. Each pattern creates a fabulous frame made of wooden or iron strips. This window Jali has standout advantages, and its horizontal iron fittings lend a strong statement.

This antique’s oval shape and iron rod make this piece rare and quite valuable. Organic in nature, this unusual frame can enhance any space.

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Dimensions 21.5 × 4 × 29 in




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