Wooden Chest in Antique Brown Finish

Wooden Chest in Antique Brown Finish


Love it, adore it or simply admire it! This wooden chest brings with it the delightful appeal that will leave no one indifferent. Its antique finish will outshine the other things around and will definitely compel you to vouch for its elegant make. This wooden chest is designed in high-quality wood that has been derived from the best timbers in ancient times. This antique has survived several decades of rigors that no other regular timber could have sustained. The lid of this wooden box is embedded with metallic bars in order to lend sturdiness to the design. The front of this wooden box is embellished with uniform, square patterns with pierced interface. The lid has been attached with hinges, and to the front, a latch is used for locking. Also, the knuckle handles are provided to the sides for easy lifting. This antique is a brainchild of artisan’s craftsmanship –an epitome of ancient culture of India.

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Dimensions 45.5 × 18.5 × 29.5 in




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